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Academicians, innovators and researchers in the field of science and technology are shaping the world through the creations and continuous improvements of various things for mankind in order to make their life smooth. Among them, some proven real heroes are working on the ground, contributing their life to achieve success by overcoming the barriers for the joyful life of almost all stakeholders of the society directly or indirectly. These great achievers are the foundation of society and help in building the world in a better manner. They are spending their every moment for society through academic, innovation and research activities.
To recognize these scientists, STAIR Progressive Forum, India has initiated the Science and Technology Academic, Innovation and Research Awards (STAIR Awards) in 2021. For the first edition of STAIR AWARDS 2021, 137 nominations from 106 universities of 26 countries were received to meet the strict minimum criteria. With the set objective to make STAIR Awards as a ‘Trustworthy International Recognition’, an extensive and rigorous process was followed to select the right persons among the various universities across the world. Finally, awards for 37 academicians, innovators and researchers from 18 countries are declared through an online event conducted on 28 December 2021. It is a great pleasure that 11 winners of STAIR Awards 2021 are from the Top 2% Scientist lists according to a Stanford University study published by Elsevier.
Now, we are happy to announce the Second Edition of 'Science and Technology Academic, Innovation and Research Awards', STAIR AWARDS 2023. The award ceremony is scheduled on 21 Decemebr 2023 at Mumbai, India. Additionaly, the participataion through virtual mode is also open. The objective of STAIR Awards is to recognize the outstanding academic heroes who are continuously engaged to build the future of the sustainable world through imparting knowledge and excellence to the next generations.

Nominations are invited till 15 Oct 2023

Winning notification will be sent to First 03 winners in each category

Three ranks (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be announced in each category during the event.

All applicants are requested to carefully read the 06 Stage STAIR Awards procedure and FAQ .

Top 2 % Scientist will receive 50 % waiver in the event ticket.

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