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Submission of nomination application expressing the interest with brief information in the prescribed format only based on primary eligibility criteria. Incomplete forms will not be considered for further processing. There is no fees for nomination filing. Submission of any wrong information in the application form may lead to appropriate disciplinary action against the applicant. Multiple nominations from an applicant are allowed.



Winning chance Assessment

All applications will be examined based on our minimum standard criteria and the applications with considerable winning chances will be accepted for the next stage. The passed applicants will receive intimation through email. The passed applicants will have 80 % to 100 % chance of Awards.



Submission of Detailed Application Form

The passed applicant will need to submit the revised detailed application in prescribed format along with all necessary proof as mentioned in the application. Applicants need to submit all requested information to increase the winning chances. The applicant needs to provide more details in this application form in order to judge the achievements thoroughly.



Verification and Evaluation

All the details provided in the application form will be rigorously examined and verified by the experts. In some cases it may take considerable time to complete the evaluation process. All the applications will be scored and scores will be converted to the scale of 100. Three applicants (Gold, Silver and Bronze ranks) with top scorers will be declared as winner from each category.



Event Registration

The award winners will receive the intimation about the winning. The winners will complete the registration for the Award Ceremony. The event ticket prices are USD 110, 140 and 170 available till 10 Nov, 25 Nov and 10 Dec 2023 respectively. Top 2 % Scientist will receive 50 % waiver in the event ticket. The accompanying person also needs to register for the event at the price of USD 50.



Award Ceremony

In this meet (Hybrid mode) of recognized science and technology academicians, innovators and researchers the ranks will be announced and awards will be distributed to the winners comprising the Letter of Recognition and Trophy. Also the awards will be published and made available to the world. The winners attending event through virtual mode will receive the award kit through post.

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