Important Dates

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Following schedule will be followed for various activities of STAIR Awards 2021.

May 2021


Nomination Filing Deadline

Interested nominees fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria can submit the nomination form in the prescribed format. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
There is no nomination fee for STAIR Awards.

May 2021


Winning chance assessment result (Declared)

The applications with considerable winning chances will be accepted for the next stage. The passed applicants will receive the results through email.
The passed applicants will have a 80 % to 100 % winning chance.

July 2021


Submission of Detailed Application Form (Closed)

The passed applicant will need to submit the revised detailed application in prescribed format along with all necessary proof as mentioned in the application. Applicants need to submit all requested information in order to judge the achievements thoroughly and increase the winning chances.

August 2021


Communicating results to the winners (Communicated)

All the details provided in the application form will be rigorously examined and verified by the experts. Top scorers will be declared as winner from each category.
First three winners in each category will receive email and registration form.

November 2021


Event Registration

All winners need to submit the registration form in the prescribed format for attending the ONLINE event. The form will be sent to the winners through email. The event link will be shared after completion of registration process.

December 2021


Award Ceremony

Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be declared and all winners will be conferred with respective STAIR Awards.

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