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STAIR Progressive Forum, India is happy to announce the first edition of Science and Technology Academic, Innovation and Research Awards (STAIR Awards) 2021. The objective of STAIR Awards is to recognize the outstanding academic heroes who are continuously engaged to build the future of the sustainable world through imparting knowledge and excellence to the future generations.

Detailed Application Submission Deadline : 05 July 2021    |    STAIR Award Event: 25 November 2021, Mumbai, India

Nominations Received from: 24 Countries      

Stage I Result Declared

Detalied Application Forms are already sent to the passed applicants

Three awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be announced in each category.

All applicants are requested to read the 06 Stage STAIR Awards procedure and FAQ before updating the applications.

Separate Detalied Application Forms are required for multiple awards categories.

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