Frequently Asked Questions

Please read us before submitting nominations..

No. There is no nomination fee for STAIR Awards.
STAIR Awards are International awards and open to all academicians, innovators and researchers with noteworthy achievements in various categories across the world.
Our objective is to make STAIR Awards as a Trustworthy International Recognition. It is not surprising if more time and rigorous process is applied to select right persons among the various universities across the world. We also thought of the time required from the side of nominees to complete the various processes during the preparation of award schedule.
All the achievements up to 30 May 2021 will be counted for detailed application form.
Incomplete forms will not be processed in any condition. It is the responsibility of nominees to fill the form completely.
All the nominees are requested to verify the all information filled in the form before submitting to us. Honesty is the first eligibility for all the awards. The nominees, providing incorrect information will be rejected at any stage of the process. An appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against such nominees. The action may include life time debar of the nominee for STAIR Awards, the display of such blacklisted nominee on the website, communicating the names of such nominees to the affiliated University/ Institute.
For schedule and registration details please refer the section Event Registration in Important Dates. The registration details will shared with awardee through email.
We are not compromising with minimum criteria decide by us. If the eligible applications are not received, the respective award will not be declared for that year.
We are using our standard decided procedure for selecting the winners. So, no one can influence the rules and criteria of selection.
The International Event STAIR AWARDS 2021 is scheduled on Thursday, 25 November 2021 through ONLINE mode.
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